Lake MX331 shoes - Black/Silver


Light weight, Breathable, Form fitting Kangaroo Leather MTB shoe

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″Lake MX331 pyöräilykengät - musta/hopea

• Kangaroo Leather Upper: Light weight, Breathable, Form fitting. Abrasion resistant & Anti-microbial treated. Silver mesh: Breathable, Abrasion resistant & Anti-microbial. Patent Pending Thermaformable Carbon fiber heel counter.

• Real Rubber Outsole with SPD® compatible slots.

• Silver mesh: Breathable, Abrasion resistant, Anti-microbial. Outlast Temperature regulating heel and tongue liner: Maintains constant comfortable temperature.

• Patent Pending 100% Carbon fiber sole with thermaformable enforcement material in the arch. Patent Pending Composite fiber sole bed suspending the foot over the outer
sole. Allows a more comfortable fit and for sole breathable.

• BOA technology closure system. Micro-adjustable closure that equalizes pressure. In combination with Lake’s Patent Pending heel securing sole system the BOA closure allows the foot to be secure and comfortable without the need to over-tighten the shoe.

• CFC Race Last: The CFC race last is specifically shaped for optimal power transfer, putting the foot in a position that allows the energy to be focused to the pedal.

Lake based the construction of its MX331 Shoes around Klite kangaroo leather. And while this might sound too exotic to be durable, quite the opposite is actually true. Lake uses this material for many of its shoes for a good reason. What is it? Well, because it provides the ideal balance between suppleness and strength. Additionally, for a leather, it′s also pretty breathable — an added perk given that these shoes are intended for races that could make your eyeballs sweat. However, to ensure that you don′t overheat, Lake strategically placed mesh around the uppers of the MX331. This concept has been furthered at the liner for both the heel and tongue, as Lake incorporated its Outlast temperature-regulating fabric. As a result, your feet will remain at a consistent, comfortable temperature, regardless of whether it′s hot or cold out.

Moving on to the last of the shoes, we find Lake′s CFC Race Last. This last was specifically designed for enhancing power transfer to the pedals. Lake achieved this by purposefully positioning the foot in a manner that directs its energy to the pedal and to the soil.

And that leads us to the most exciting features of the MX331: its outsole and tread design. Starting with the former, Lake used its Lake Race carbon fiber sole. Of course, carbon fiber provides the optimal amount of rigidity for power transfer. However, what′s interesting about Lake′s design is just how much carbon fiber there actually is. The outsole features what Lake refers to as ″″cleat pockets,″″ which house the modular rubber treads.

Lastly, to ensure that you experience an ideal, consistent, and powerful fit, the MX331 features the venerable BOA Push/Pull retention system. Advantages of this system include a nearly limitless level of volume customization, a complete lack of pressure points, and around a two-thirds weight drop. On top of this, BOA uses aircraft-grade stainless steel to account for heightened durability. You′ll also find that Lake made the heel cup of the MX331 fully-moldable. So, you never have to experience the power-sapping effects of heel-slippage.

The Lake MX331 Shoes are available in the colors Black/silver and Black/red and in odd and even sizes from 39.0 to 50.0. Please note that these shoes are only compatible with two-hole mountain bike cleat systems.″