TLD 7850HW protective shirt


Lyhythihainen suojapaita, joka ei turhaa hiukoilua aiheuta!

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- Shock Doctor technology
- Neck brace integration patent-pending design is compatible with leading neck braces without compromising fit and protection (removable upper chest/spine and clavicle pads accommodate ideal fit with brace)
- Strata foam articulates with complex body zones while providing impact protection (removable, rib and bicep pads for coverage preferences)
- Vent-trak moves air through flexible channels over skin surface to cool the athlete
- Hex mesh disperses impact with a dimensional mesh construction that allows air to flow freely
- Open armpit design and wide neck opening for comfort
- Anatomical design provides a close fit while integrated zones protect the chest, ribs, back/spine, clavicle, shoulders and biceps.″